Image de Marie Lichtenberg

After twelve years working as a fashion editor for ELLE magazine Paris, Marie Lichtenberg decided to channel her experiences into her creations. To start, she designed a collection of Kama Sutra styled, handmade embroidered blouses, adorned with buttons of gold and fine gemstones. These first precious creations compelled an eternal attraction of a familiar kind. A love for Jewels.

"Growing up, my mother was a collector of fine antic jewellery. Since a young age, I found an irresistible attraction in the journey these pieces had taken throughout history. For me, her jewellery wasn’t just a trinket embroidered with precious stones, they were time capsules, a story of the past and a promise to bear witness to the future.

For my first jewellery design, I drew inspiration from my creole origins to create something profoundly personal. The original collection of large hollowed out gold chains featuring strikingly dramatic lockets were inspired by the jewellery of the French West Indies’ where a part of my family is from. Animated by the spirits of past generations, these invaluable heirlooms would be passed down from mother to daughter, transcending time itself.

This jewellery uses the chain as a symbol of liberation against slavery. A strong emblem, which became over the years a symbol of emancipation and cultural heritage for me.

With this inspiration in mind and a need for authenticity, I left for India. In its abundance of, traditional craftsmanship, precious stones and spiritual ancestry, I found myself irremediably attracted to its charm. Coming across ‘Mauli' initiated the second inspiration for my creative adventure. ‘Mauli' is the handwoven bond of prayer blessed in the temples of Jaipur, it is said to contain within it all the mystical power of India.

This piece of divine fabric, blessed to protect the ones wearing it, was the catalyst of my artistic vision and defined the type of jewellery I wanted to create. These pieces made love tangible, whether it is a matter of passion, friendship or fraternal love. An object to offer to the people who really count. In our complicated world, who doesn’t need a few words of love? I then adorned the locket with precious Indian stones engraving sweet and universal phrases « Love you to the moon and back, I will protect you forever, Toujours »

Here. I had my vision. Beautiful materials. Beautiful hand made craftsmanship. A bit of history, a piece of new horizons, and a lot of love."